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keno game
Keno game is carried out by means of a special table, in which there are numbers from 1 to 80 and a drum, which has the same number of balls (with corresponding numbers). In the Internet casino you can find great varieties of this game, but all of them have the same essence. Users play with the help of a machine that is based on a random number generator.

Userguide on how to play and win in keno

The task of the user is to guess which numbers will fall out. In order to do this, he shoudl indicate them in the table. The amount of numbers that player can specify while playing keno online depends on the casino chosen. As a rule, the more you choose, the less the payment is and vice versa. The exact number within the specified range is chosen by the user himself.

Keno game process

So, the process of the game is the following:
The user selects the number of marked numbers from the displayed range. Usually these are 20 numbers.
He makes a bet.
Selects desired values ​​and marks them in the table.
Random number generator determines the winning numbers.
Payment is done. It depends on the amount of specified numbers, their range and size of the bet.

Most online casinos have a separate table that shows in details how much you can win at any time of the day.

Winnings in keno

If you choose, for example, only one number and guess it, you will win with a coefficient of 3-1 (remember that the payments in this game do not include the return of your initial bet, so for a ticket at $ 1 you will receive $ 3, and your profit will be $ 2). If you bet on 10 numbers, and get only 5 or more matches – it will bring you a prize – the more matches you get, the bigger is your reward. The biggest jackpot you might get with 10 matches.
Remember that you should stop playing keno in case if you have run out of all the budget allowed for the game, if you have won twice the original amount or you are upset by the loss.

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