2015 Booths Filling up

P1190329If you are looking to get a booth at the Fabulous 1890’s Weekend, we would love to hear from you. Please visit the event registration tab today to make sure that you will have a spot at this year’s festival.

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  1. Susan Moyer says:

    I am interested in setting up a booth for my crafts. Are there any left. Thank you!

    • Christie Martin says:

      Yes Susan, there are booths left. Do you want to fill out a registration form online or just give me some info and I can have someone call you or email you. Christie

      • Susan Moyer says:

        Yes I can fill out the application on line, just tell me where to go and then I will also send check out ASAP. Thank you much!

  2. Tim walburn says:

    I wanted to book a booth for the event

  3. Bill Berresford says:

    I am Chair of the Tioga Democrats. We will be at the 1890s, but the $25 Vender fee will be sent by Bob Wooley our treasurer.

    May we be located where we were last year, in the large tent? I would very much appreciate it. Quite a few who will be tabling are a little beyond middle age.

    Sorry I am so late to apply, but this my first year as Chair.

    Also at the same time I will be setting up and running an O gauge Circus with tents, performers, and animals. Surrounding this mix will be one, and possibly two, O gauge operating model trains. Barb McConnell asked me to do this.

    I think the setup will be in the larger tent near the entrance? Someone is setting up pictures of Mansfield trains and circuses from the turn of the century and on. Will I be paying a fee? I’m not really a vender, but since it is for a good cause I don’t mind. Just let me know.

    May I set up some tables the night before? If so, what time? Will guards be posted in the park?

    Also, how soon may I arrive to set up the display the morning of the event?

    If this works out I’d be pleased to return next year if the committee would like.
    Best Regards,
    Bill Berresford

  4. stephanie giantisco says:

    I would like a booth if you have any left in the craft section.

  5. bubbas bbq ,david farr says:

    would like to register for food vendor my number is 570-404-8126 thank u

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